Sunday, January 27, 2013

Volcano Lesson

 For those that like step-by-step instructions, I am going to step you through my volcano lesson with my preschooler :)  It's super simple  and we used things that we already had in the house.

Volcano Lesson 101 :)

1.  My son LOVES dinosaurs and volcanoes.  He already had this very cute stamp set made by Melissa and Doug that had dinosaurs and a volcano stamp.  He started our lesson by using the stamps to make a "scene" including dinosaurs and a volcano.   We just used a basic piece of white paper.

2. While he was happy stamping away, I got together our materials for our volcano lesson.  All you need are: a cookie sheet with sides, one canister of regular playdoh, some vinegar (I used balsamic but any vinegar will do the trick), some baking soda, and a spoon.

3.  I placed the playdoh in the center of the cookie sheet and made it into a rough shape of a volcano.  I then used my thumb to push a hole in the center of our volcano.  We placed some baking soda into the hole (little one liked to do this part).  And that I poured some vinegar into the hole, which makes the "volcanic eruption." :)

4.  Here is a video of our "volcanic eruption" lesson in action :) Enjoy! It's an easy, peasy lesson and loads of fun! :)

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