Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sensory bin - rice and buttons

I changed up little one's sensory bin last night after he had so much fun playing with the buttons.  I went pretty basic with this bin.  It does not really have a theme.

Sensory bin steps :)

1.  I took some regular brown rice and dropped some green food coloring in it.  I squished it around to get all the rice covered.  I put the rice into my sensory bin container.

2.  I kept in the sensory the "basics" which include measuring spoons, a plastic cup, plastic test tubes, a measuring cup, a dropper, a funnel, a test tube rack, and a plastic fork.

3.  I added a container of buttons.  They are mainly the extra buttons that come on garments when you buy them.  The buttons are all different shapes, sizes, and textures.

That is it!  Plenty of things for my little one to discover :)

See pictures below of my little one playing with it and the inside of the bin.

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