Friday, January 25, 2013

An Awesome Homeschooling Day . . .

An Awesome Homeschooling Day . . . looks like this :)

When I got home from work (around 12noon), I told my LO that we were going to do some of his "school", but that first I needed lunch and a shower.  He was following me all over going "Is it time for school?  Is it time for school?  Is it time for school?"  :)  He was soooo excited!  :)   We had a great day with lots of lessons (way more than I had planned to do!).  When we finished one thing he was like "now what?  let's do more!"  So we kept on going :)

This is what we accomplished :)

- Updated our Circle Time wall by updating our month to January, our calendar of events for January, and our day of the week.  We also reviewed the season "Winter" and the liturgical season "Christmas".

- Read various books

- Finished our "space" unit using "George's Secret Key to the Universe" (finally!  We started this so long ago that my  renewal options from the library had run out!)  And, LO, retained A LOT of the information and could answer all my review and critical thinking questions from the chapter book.

- Completed his National Geographic Little Kids magazine for January/February

- Made our first monthly sensory bin for the year.  LO wanted to play with "snow", so I made that the theme. :) - I am going to make another blog post specifically on what I put in the "snow" sensory bin. :)

- We completed our PBS Dinosaur Train Lesson on volcanoes by making a volcano eruption using playdoh, baking soda, and balsamic vinegar. - I am going to make a seperate blog post with the specifics of this lesson :)

- He used his stamps to make a dinosaur and volcano theme.

- He played with his playdoh to make more dinosaurs, sharks, and volcanoes.

- We watched a YouTube video from the Discovery Channel about volcano eruptions.

All-in-all, it was a great homeschooling day! :)

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