Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sensory Bin - Slime, Gel, and Goop :)

Our latest sensory bin was put together mainly because LO was just having WAY too much fun with this Magic School Bus Kit on Slime, Gel, and Goop :)  He received this kit for Christmas and just absolutely fell in love it! :)  Once we completed the actual lessons, he just wanted  to play with it more and to conduct more experiments.  In the essence of trying to figure out HOW to save such a kit, I realized it would make a GREAT sensory bin! :)  So I dumped out most of the contents of the previous sensory bin on "snow" and put all the materials from this Magic School Bus Kit inside :)  LO was in heaven!  :)  He played with it for 2 solid hours straight! :)

Here is my "How To" in pictures on making this sensory bin :)

Slime, Gel, and Goop Sensory Bin 101 :)

1.  The materials included the following:  a small funnel, a small plastic test tube holder, a couple of plastic test tubes, an eyedropper, a popsicle stick, instant snow, some gel rocks, some gel balls, a plastic cup (for water), and some tap water.

 2.  As you can see from the pictures, LO had loads of fun and it got kinda messy.  He used the water to mix up the materials and watched what happened.  He loved pouring things in the funnel to see what would happen and to make things in the test tubes.  You are going to need lots of paper towels to help you LO clean up the mess :)

 3.  After cleaning up the original mess is when I realized this would make a great sensory bin activity! :)  Hahaha.  Lesson learned on this one.  So I transferred all the materials from the table into the empty plastic container.   I told LO that he had to keep it ALL inside the container or else he was not allowed to continue playing with it.  He did make a little more of a mess but it was not nearly as much as the original :)  I also added some measuring spoons, plastic fork, plastic cups, and pipe cleaners to the sensory bin.  LO LOVED the addition of the measuring spoons and cups! :)  He played with this for about 2 hours straight that day and has taken it out multiple times since :)

4.  I also used my label maker to add a label on the outside of my plastic container to read "sensory bin." :)  I hope to change up the sensory bin at least once a month.  Keep tuned for  more :)

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