Thursday, September 19, 2013

I work and homeschool my son :)

Hello everyone!  A frequent question that pops up in my online Homeschool forums is "Can I homeschool and work?"  The answer is "Yes!" 

Here is my recent response to this question:

"I work a full-time schedule and homeschool. I work from 7AM to 11AM and then I work from 9PM to 11PM. I also have to attend conference meetings (via my phone and Internet) a few times a week during the middle of the day (usually around 2PM). My husband also works full time (12noon to 8PM). We make it work because we value homeschooling and we have jobs that can be flexible with hours. My husband homeschools my son in the mornings (he is the one that attends our Classical Conversations co-op weekly) and then I do the parkdays, library playdates, Lego Clubs, etc. when I get home. We wrap up any homeschool lessons in the evening, usually around dinnertime. Sometimes my mother steps in to help, especially with the co-op because there are times that my husband might have a meeting in the morning. We stay flexible and roll with it. It only works because we are all on the same page and work together to achieve the homeschool goals."