Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Schooling Never Ends :)

After my last posts, my little one continued to do educational activities.   :) 

He played "Color Clowns", a Discovery Toys game, all by himself quietly on the floor.  It's an awesome color matching game! 

He then insisted on making "fossils".  So I pulled out the plaster of paris and we made 3 dinosaur fossils :)  Check out the pictures.  Good thing I bought 25 pounds of plaster of paris from Home Depot the other day! (If you are going to do lots of projects with plaster of paris buying it in the big bags at Home Depot instead of using the small bags from craft stores is really the most cost effective option.)

Now I know the question you are asking is "why did she buy 25 pounds of plaster of paris?"  The answer is that we just went to "Dinosaur Park" in Connecticut.   And we chose to do the track casting.  Check it out! :)  It's really super cool.

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