Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Letter "A"

Today we started our Catholic Icing Preschool Curriculum!  :)  LO (little one) loved it!  I was actually quite surprised how much he enjoyed it :)   He usually is not a crafty kind of guy, so I was worried that he would not like the curriculum.  I pondered buying the curriculum for at least 6 months.  I ended up buying it at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Homeschool and Parent Conferences back in June.  FABULOUS conference!  At the conference I totally hounded Lacy about it and must have asked a million questions.   She said that she thought that even a kid who was not so crafty would like the curriculum.  She was totally correct! :)  Thanks, Lacy!   He also totally loved the songs and the prayers. :)  He even learned to do the Sign of the Cross :)  He was totally excited when he father came home from work today.  He met my husband at the door with his artwork and said "Look Daddy!  Look what I did in school today!"  (with a huge grin across his face)   My husband responded with "That's great!  Did you like your teacher?"  Ha ha.  Luckily my son responded with "Yes!" :)   When we sat down for dinner I reminded both of my men that we needed to start with some prayers.  LO immediately put his hands together in prayer and then did the Sign of the Cross all by himself :)   It was a proud moment for the homeschooling mommy :)  My husband then asked LO about his day.  LO responded that he learned the letter "A" and that he made an "Angel".  My husband then asked the logical follow-up question of "What letter does the word 'angel' start with?"  LO looked at him very proudly and said "The letter 'A', Daddy!"  So then my husband asked him if he could see a letter "A" anywhere.  LO proudly pointed to our art easle and said "that's the 'A', Daddy!"   Ah, another great homeschool moment :) 

Here is a picture of LO's angel :)

Here is a picture of our art easle with the letter "A"

We also started a unit on "The Very Hungry Catepillar" today.  We went to Walmart and bought materials for a felt board and then I put together our board.  :)  My first felt board story is going to be "The Very Hungry Catepillar".  We have previously ordered catepillar eggs in the Spring and had them hatch into butterflies.  LO was so impressed with this concept that he wanted to do it again.  So I decided that if he loved it so much, that it should be a full unit :)  Here are some pictures.

This week is "Student Photo Week" on the Not Back to School Hop.  So the picture above is my homeschool student on his first real day of PreK (3 years old).

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