Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Numbers 1 to 3

Today we started our official math curriculum!  :)  We are using Right Start Math Level A.  LO (little one) totally loved his first lesson!  :)  He loved using the tally sticks and color tiles to sort.  Here is a picture :)

The reason I chose to use this curriculum with LO was due to the hands-on manipulatives and games that it offers.  We found it at the VAHomeschoolers convention back in March.   I was browsing the various math curriculum tables.  LO was with me.  He was not interested at all in the other curriculums that I was looking at and chose to look at other tables while I talked with the vendors.  He is the one that found Right Start Math.  He was like "Mommy!  Mommy!  Come over here!  I want to play with THIS one!"  :)   I didn't buy the curriculum that day but instead posted my interest on the BBC (Babycenter) Homeschool Board.  Another homeschooling momma wrote me back that she would sell me the entire Right Start Math Level A kit including all the "extras" (i.e. the high quality wooden abacus, the extra Games, the extra manipulatives, etc.) for a very discounted cost.  After discussing the offer with my DH (dear husband) I decided that this was the way to go for our math curriculum this year.  :)

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