Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Homeschool Room

What room?  :)   So we live in a small townhouse.  There is no designated room for our homeschooling. :)   We learn everywhere we go and usually it is not at home.  We are constantly traveling and doing things around the area (like the Connecticut dinosaur park and the Hidden Pond Nature Center).  When we are at home we use the dining room and living room (which is really just one room to begin with) for our studies.  We tend to sit on the couch or at the table.   The pictures in the previous post of our "homeschool bookshelves" are about as exciting as it gets for our "school room".  We also do work a lot outside on our deck for our messier projects like the dinosaur plaster of paris fossils mentioned in our previous post.  The deck is right off of the living room so it's really an extension of the same space.  It would be nice to have a true "school room" but I kinda like that our life is totally integrated with our homeschooling :)

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