Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our Weekly Schedule (tentative, of course)

So this post is more to get myself organized and ready for preschool.  If I don't have some structure, things will never actually happen.  I am a total planner.   I have 5 "curriculum" that I want to do this year with LO and there are 5 workdays in a week, so I am going with basic here.  

So here goes my weekly plan for our "curriculum".

Mondays - Dinosaur Train PBS Lessons (science/history)
Tuesdays - CatholicIcing preschool curriculum (letter of the week)
Wednesdays - RightStart Math Level A (math)
Thursdays - ProgressivePhonics.com (phonics/reading)
Fridays - My First Piano Adventure (music)

Lets see how long we can stick to a schedule :)

Our other weekly activities include:

Tuesdays - Homeschool Park Day
Wednesdays - Gymboree Sports Class
Thursdays - Library Playdate and Farmers Market
Fridays - Homeschool Park Day

So we are looking kinda busy :)  But I think it is all "good" busy; ya know what I mean?

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