Friday, May 31, 2013

Lego Contest!

Little one LOVES Legos!  :)  We went to the LegoFest in Richmond, VA this year and LO participates in a monthly Homeschool Lego Club.   My living room is usually covered in Legos!  I love the creativity and engineering skills that goes into Legos.   (I'm not a huge fan of picking up Legos and stepping on them, but that is another story.)

Anyway, our public library is doing a Lego Contest in June and LO has entered the contest :)  Here are some pictures of LO playing with Legos and then building his contest piece.

 His completed contest piece was two stegosaurus dinosaurs (a mommy and a baby) with a tree and a truck with a few people in it.  The story is that the truck was sent to rescue one of the people from the stegosaurus.  The contest rules was that it had to be creative, totally made by the child, and not from a kit.  It could be based on a story or a theme.  So we used the picture from the book to give LO some inspiration.   All the children who enter the contest will get a ribbon and then 4 from each age will be selected for Lego Store gift certificates.  We love the Lego store! :)  It would be cool to win.

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