Friday, May 31, 2013


We love watching things grow and change :)  Last year we grew caterpillars into butterflies and we decided it would be fun to do again.  We had the kit from last year so we just had to order the actual caterpillar refills.  I ordered them via Amazon and  they arrived really quickly for about $20.  We got 6 caterpillars.  I should mention that we are not the best at babysitting caterpillars.  On the first day that they arrived, we placed them next to our entertainment unit, right next to the Playstation.  FYI, this was a bad idea.  The caterpillars got really hot next to the fan from the Playstation and condensation started to accumulate in the jar. Oops!  That will kill the caterpillars.  I thought that I would be sending the caterpillars back with an "oops! We  killed the caterpillars!"  Luckily the caterpillars survived.  BUT I should also mention that I have a crazy cat who decided to attack the caterpillars one night while we were sleeping.  I got up in the morning to find the jar on the floor and the caterpillars not looking so good.  I placed them upright and away from where the cat could reach them.  I totally thought they were goners at this point.  Amazingly, they survived.   These are some seriously hardy caterpillars! :)   At this point, five of the caterpillars have gone into the chrysalis stage.  One of the caterpillars is still alive but not going into the chrysalis stage yet.  We are calling him "Fred" and wondering what will happen to him.   Anyway, here are some pictures :)

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