Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pool Number Activity

Hello!  I definitely pulled this idea from another homeschool blog, but I don't remember exactly which one.  If it was you, please write a comment below taking credit :)  It was probably but I am not sure.
This number activity was really easy and cheap to construct.  It's just 2 pool noodles, which cost $1 at the dollar store.  :)   I used duct tape to make a circle with one of the noodles.  I then cut up the other noodle into small circles.  I wrote numbers on them because my Little One has been struggling with number recognition.  We simply play pool games with them by throwing the numbers into the larger ring.  I have him shout out the number as he either throws or collects the green noodle circles.  It's fun and an easy way to practice numbers.
This activity concept could modified for lots of other concepts.  It could be used for higher math concepts like addition and subtraction.  It also could be modified to use letters instead of numbers.  It could be a letter recognition game or a word making game. 
What ideas do you have for this type of activity?


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