Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Money Muncher

Hello!  I pulled this fun money activity from  Little One was asking about money and we have been trying to instill in him the concepts of money.  He has a small change purse that I gave him with some coins inside and some dollar bills.  He gets to spend it how he wants.  He has learned that he needs to budget his money.   So I thought that this quick activity would be fun for him.  All we used was a tennis ball, a sharpie, and some scissors.   The only hard part was cutting the mouth.  It takes a lot of work to cut through a tennis ball!  The finished product is called a "money muncher".  We played a game of putting coins inside the ball.  LO had fun making the ball "munch" his money.  We discussed the coins as we put them in.  When it got full we took the coins back out and did it again. :)


  1. I can't take credit for the idea :) Just that I did the activity with my son! Make sure to check out for more great ideas :) She also just published an e-book on homeschooling preschoolers. It's available on Amazon.