Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Care of a Sensory Bin

Hello!  A Sensory Bin is always a good thing to have around.   I have blogged about my Sensory Bins before.   Instead of changing up my Sensory Bin, I have gravitated towards keeping the same Sensory Bin all the time.   Our Sensory Bin has multiple colors of water beads and transparent colored stones which I bought at the dollar store.   It also had lots of measuring cups, funnels, plastic forks, plastic cups, etc.   LO has also added some fun sponges and such to his bin.  He pulls out his bin randomly to play with it.

This post is actually not about the contents of my bin but about the care of my bin.  I noticed after a while that the bin was definitely getting a little foul smelling and moldy.   I solved this simply by airing it out and poking holes in the top of my plastic lid.  The problem is mostly solved.  Occassionally I also basically rinse the entire interior of the container and the plastic items with regular tap water.

Anyone else have ideas on how to care for a Sensory Bin?

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