Saturday, April 6, 2013

Vahomeschoolers raffle

I attended the vahomeschoolers conference the other weekend and participated in the raffle.  I spent $10 in tickets and over 500 tickets were sold.  They had 10 baskets to give away which were donations from various homeschool vendors at the conference.  I won! :). Twice! :). I got to bring home two baskets full of random homeschooling materials :)

Yesterday we cracked open one of the baskets and did two of the activities.  

One was this letter game from a thinking company.  It had alphabet letter tiles and a storage bag.  Little one was too little to play the actual game but the tiles were great for practicing his letter recognition.  I randomly showed him each letter and asked him three things.  What was the letter?  What sound does the letter make?  And what do you know that starts with the letter?  He knew answers for all the letters besides "V" and "X".  Although he could not tell me what "X" was when I asked him for a word that uses "X" he immediatly.responded with "box" :). I was pretty impressed with my 4 year old.

The other activity we did yesterday was this scratch off picture thing.  It was a picture of an alien.  It used the same scratch off stuff that a lottery ticket has on it.  Little one had fun with this fine motor skill.  He liked being able to reveal the picture.  The scratching was a little hard for him and he got tired of doing it so we put it aside to finish later.

Today little one decided to pull another activity out of the basket.  It had two little plaster of paris monkeys to paint.   He painted one today and said he would finish the other later.  It turned into a really good activity on mixing colors.  The kit only came with the basic four primary colors: red, blue, yellow, and white.  But he wanted green, purple, and brown on the monkey.  So he had to experiment with mixing the colors.  Check out the picture below of his monkey :)

The other thing we did today was that we went to Home Depot for their monthly free kids workshop.  Today the kids made birdfeeders.  Little one had fun hammering, screwing, glueing, and painting.  Check out the picture below of his finished birdfeeder :). If you have not done a Home Depot workshop, I highly recommend that you do :)

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