Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bug exploration

Continueing on our bug theme from yesterday, today we explored the playground for bugs.  We took out our science exploration plastic bin.  Inside the bin are the following:  Gymboree balls, a rubber ball, three sets of binoculars (different sizes and styles), five purple plastic buckets with handles, a blue measuring, a magnifier, two plastic bug viewers, a net, tweezers, a watch with a bug themed compass on it, and a random science themed toy (there always ends up with something random in my boxes).  Little one had gun exploring the outdoors.  We caught an ant and continued our discussion of the parts of the body of an insect: head, thorax, abdomen, antennas, and six legs.  LO also had a lot of fun sorting the mulch and discovering what was inside.  It is a beautiful day outside and a great extension of our Amanda Bennett Incredible Insect unit.

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  1. Just clicked on your blog link from homeschooling board- it looks like he had a lot of fun exploring! And I love his shoes:).