Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mazes and matching

I picked up at the vahomeschoolers conference a cool wipe-off maze book from the usbourne vendor.  Another mom had recommended it to work on maze skills with preschoolers.  I pulled it out for the first time last night.  Little one LOVED it!  He completed it cover to cover in one sitting!  The grest thing is that it comes with a dry erase marker.  So when he was done last night I just wiped it clean with a paper towel so that he can do it again :). I had to model for him how to hold the marker and I had to read the directions to him for each maze.  Other than that, it was a very independent focused activity for my preschooler to do.  And I was glad to see that the book had many different types of mazes.  It used lots of different thinking skills.  I highly recommend this $7 little maze book from usbourne.

After doing the mazes, we worked with his Discovery Toys "Its a Match" activity.  Earlier this week I had purchased the level 3 reading and math books.  These are a great quiet learning activity.  We frequently take these with us to church and other places when we need little one to be quiet.  It requires him to match the appropriate colored squares and then to match the appropriate pictures.  There is a lot of thinking involved and fine motor skills.  Plus it teaches following directions.

Check out the pictures below.

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