Thursday, July 25, 2013

Practicing our Alphabet

One great blog idea I came across was from the Stay At Home Educator.  The parent of the blog had posted lots of ideas on different ways to practice the alphabet.  My son knows all his letters and we are currently working on the sounds of each (basic phonics).   We have this great set of letters from ThinkFun.  They are just a set of the entire alphabet in little tiles.   I carry them everywhere in my purse and give them to my son to play with when we need some sort of distraction.   So I thought they would be perfect for this blog lesson.  All we did with them on this day was line them up in order.  I had my son do all the work of figuring out which one came next.  It was really hard for him to do the entire alphabet but he eventually figured it out.  The Stay At Home Educator had other suggestions of doing things like making words and practicing spelling.  We did not do that yet because my guy was having a hard enough time just identifying each letter in its correct order.  This was a good lesson for him and definitely helped with his thinking skills.

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