Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sensory bin - water beads

Little one and I went to the dollar store recently and picked up some water beads.  If you haven't used them yet for a sensory bin, you really should!  They are so much fun to play with :). Little one poured them and squished them and rolled them.  We used clear and green ones.  Green is little one's favorite color.  Check out the pictures below!

We experimented with the question "what if we add food coloring to the clear water beads?"  Interestingly, the food coloring DID change the color of the beads!  Pretty cool.

Little one had fun measuring and mixing the beads.  He then added water to his sensory bin so that his shark toys could take a swim.  Another interesting thing we discovered by adding water was that the clear beads totally disappeared in the water!  We couldn't see them at all . . . but they were still there!  We could feel them but not see them.  That made it hard to pour the water out in the sink without losing the beads.  

Anyway, it was a fun sensory bin and little one has continued to play with it.  I leave the sensory bins on his homeschooling bookshelves where he can reach them.  When he wants to play with them, he has to ask a parent first and then he is free to play.

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