Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Today we focused our studies on our catholic curriculum and the season of lent.   We made a stained glass of mary, the holy spirit, and a roadmap for lent.

We use catholic icing preschool curriculum.

The mary stained glass was made using contact paper.  We drew an outline of mary and a grotto.  We cut up tissue paper.  We had red and white tissue paper so that is what we used.  We used the tissue paper to decorate mary's dress and the background.  We used some green paint and little one's thumb to make the grass around the grotto.  Then we used glitter to finish off the project.  When were done we placed another piece of contact paper on top.  We hung our completed mary on the door so the light will come through it.

Little one was asking about stained glass when we were at church on subday so this craft tied nicely into that curiosity.

A note on glitter - do not let your toddler pour out the glitter!  Little one begged for me to let him hold the glitter bottle himself.  I let him.  He poured out the entire bottle.  I then had glitter everywhere to clean up afterward.

The next craft we did was to make some holy spirit doves.  I didn't have white paint so little one used green.  We used his handprints to make the doves.  He then decorated the doves with feathers, googly eyes, and yellow construction paper beaks.

After our crafts we talked about lent.  My birthday, my grandfather's birthday, and little one's birthday are all during this lenten season so we added them to the calendar.  We also wrote "daddy's baptism" on the calendar because my husband had decided to be baptised and to become catholic during this season.

Enjoy the pictures!

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