Friday, December 14, 2012

It's been over a month . . .

It's been over a month since I have posted in my blog!  Wow!   November was crazy busy.   I realized today that I hadn't loaded pictures from my camera in a very long time.  Oops!  So, here I am. :) 

I like to record our lives via pictures - So here is our life in pictures :)

The picture above is of my LO using his dinosaur stamps.   He wanted to know where the dinosaurs lived, so I printed a blank map off the Internet of Pangea.   The other wooden object on the table is his plaster of paris fossils that we made.  Inside the plaster of paris are miniature dinosaurs that need to be dug out with the popsicle stick.

For Thanksgiving Day, we decided to make placemats to decorate the table.   We made 4 placemats with different prayers written on them.   LO and I decorated them together and then I laminated them.  We used watercolors and stickers for the decorating.

Here is a picture of LO learning how to use the Abacus that goes with his RightStart Math curriculum.  He figured it out pretty quick :)

Here is a picture of LO doing a PBS Dinosaur Train Lesson.  We learned about birds and feathers.  In the picture he is coloring a velociraptor.  He then glued feathers on the wings.

For Advent, we are doing daily lessons out of a book called "Getting Ready for Christmas."  The book has a daily verse, prayer, and activity.  In this activity, LO is coloring a sheep to put on our Christmas tree.  The sheep symbolizes that we are all sheep of Jesus and that He is our sheperd.

One of the other daily activities for Advent was to make an angel ornament for the Christmas tree.  This activity went with a reading on how the angel Gabriel visited Mary to tell her that she would be the mother of the Lord.

Here is a shot of the inside of the book that we are using for Advent.  It shows the pages that went with the sheep and angel ornament activities.

This is our nativity this year.    It's a set of magnets.  The directions said to put it on the fridge but I thought it would be more homeschool friendly if I put it on a cookie sheet, so that we could take it to our dining table to use for lessons.  It also is supposed to be used as a countdown for Christmas, but I decided that we would just keep all the pieces out to use as a basic Nativity scene.

For our countdown to Christmas this year, we are doing a scripture reading every day.  I wrote the scripture down on pieces of construction paper.  I chose to use Luke 1 and 2.   And then I laminated the strips so that we can use them year-after-year. :)   We are then linking a new piece on our paper chain each day.

Here is another PBS Dinosaur Train Lesson that we did recently.  This one turned out super-cute! :)  It is a dragonfly :)   We used popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, glue, markers, glitter, construction paper, and googly eyes to make this :)  So much fun!

LO was quite proud of the finished dragonfly project :)

 Another Advent activity was to make a star ornament for the Christmas tree.  The authors of the book seem to really like ornaments ;)  LO cut this out all by himself :)  I drew the star and he cut it out.

And here is a picture of the wall of our dining room with LO's "letter of the week" activities from his Catholic Icing Preschool Curriculum.  We also have our daily prayers on the wall :)

And that is a collage of our homeschooling pictures for about a month's length of time! :)  Hope you enjoyed it!

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