Monday, December 24, 2012

Did my husband support the idea of homeschooling our son?

This is a follow-up from my last posting.  I posted my updated blog on a few forums and the question I got back on all of them was "Did my husband support the idea of homeschooling my son?"  

My response to the forum question was:
"No, my husband was not on board right away. He knew that I was looking into options but he had very stereotypical misconceptions about homeschooling. He was also very concerned about the possibility of our son not having a diploma and not being able to go to college. In order to disbunk those issues, I gave him many articles to read about successful homeschoolers and the statistics on homeschoolers going to college. I also showed him various program options like Classical Conversations, which has good information on high school options. Also, I explained the dual enrollment options that our local community college offers. I also made sure that he attended the homeschool convention that I went to in March for my state. He attended some of the sessions that were meant for dads and was very impressed. So, it did take some work, but now he is totally on board with homeschooling. I find him now constantly telling anyone who will listen about how great homeschooling is."

Communication is key to a good marriage.   My husband and I do discuss everything that is important to us.  Honestly, we probably share too much ;)  But it works for us.   So, like everything else, when I felt that I was frustrated with the current educational options, my husband was there to listen and show support.  He is a very compassionate man.  He offers great advice and usually thinks of things that I would not have thought of.   He is a good sounding board for my thoughts and frustrations.   So when I wanted to investigate homeschooling, he was not against it.  He encouraged me to read more and to find out more information.  He asked me lots of specific questions and set me on the road to researching for answers.   So now he is super supportive of homeschooling because he encouraged me to do a lot of research before just jumping into it.

With everything in a relationship, there is compromise involved.   I was personally not so concerned with my son having a high school diploma and having "credits" and such.  But it was something that mattered to my husband.  He wanted to have a "program" that was "structured".  My response to that concern was "I can work with that."  Honestly, I would probably be more structured anyway even though I definitely find "unschooling" highly appealing.   But my personality is definitely more type A and I thrive on structure, and so does my son.   So, that is why I decided to look for programs like Classical Conversations.  There is a plan for the entire education by using that program.  The "plan" aspect makes my husband happy and I am happy when my husband is happy. 

I would not jump into something as big as taking on my son's education without the support of my husband.   And I am very glad that I have been blessed with a very supportive husband.


  1. You might also consider when the time comes. Your son won't need a high school diploma if he is a college transfer student. For the child who is up to the challenge, this is a great relief to any parent's pocketbook as well as to those fears of college acceptance.

  2. Thanks! I have heard of college plus and will look into it when my son is older.