Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Letter C, Being a tourist in DC, and some math :)

Hello there!  It's been a while since I have updated my homeschooling blog.   My grandmother passed away so we had out-of-town company visiting.  We only did a few homeschooling lessons while they were in-town.  We mainly did a lot of the high tourist attractions in the DC area.  I figure LO is learning regardless if we are doing curriculum or if we are visiting the sites.   Actually, I think that LO is probably learning more from touring DC than from doing curriculum at home.  There is definitely a little "unschooler" in me. :)

The curriculum we have done recently was our Catholic Icing Preschool Lesson on the Letter "C".  We started by reviewing the letter by writing it on our board.

Our craft for the letter "C" was to make a crucifix. Here is a picture of LO making his crucifix craft.

And here is a picture of his finished crucifix.

One of our educational activities recently was that we attended the Library of Congress Book Festival on the National Mall.  Here is a picture of LO at the LOC Book Festival.  He loved the Lego building activities :)  We also visited the National Archives the same day.  Seeing the Constitution and Declaration of Independence is always a good education. :)

Another one of our educational activities was that we visited Arlington National Cemetery.  We saw the changing of the guard and visited the Kennedy grave-sites along with the Arlington House. Here are some pictures.

Today we went back to our curriculum and worked on our RightStart Math lesson.  Here is a picture of LO working with his color tiles. The laptop in the picture has my HomeschoolSkedTrack loaded.
Thanks for reading! :)

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