Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Whistlefritz Spanish

Today we had a productive day of homeschooling :)   We started with practicing our Spanish by watching Whistlefritz.   It's a Spanish immersion DVD program that I borrowed from the public library.    The episode we watched today was "Adentro y Afuera (Inside and Out)".  The program is geared for ages 2 to7.  It has fluent speakers, songs, and cute story plot about a mouse named "Fritz". They also have free downloads on their website.   I saved those to my computer and plan to print them tomorrow.  

 The other week we went to a Language Stars trial class for Spanish.   LO loved the class but it was far from our house and quite expensive to enroll.   So we decided against actually enrolling in the class.   They did give us a worksheet to go with the lesson from the trial class, which we completed today.   I was pretty excited that LO actually was able to trace the lines on the worksheet.  This is the first time he has successfully followed directions on a worksheet.   See the picture below of his completed worksheet.

After our Spanish portion of our day we moved on to our math lesson.   Today we did Lesson 2 of Right Start Math Level A which focused on "Quantities 1 to 4 and sorting."  We used craft sticks to practice making patterns.   Then we used toy cars to practice ordinal numbers.  We did things like "which car is first?"  "Which car is last?"  "Which car is in the middle?"  etc.   We also practiced sorting by shapes using some Tangrams.  Here is a picture of LO sorting his triangle shaped Tangrams.

After our math portion of the day, we curled up on the couch and read through his latest National Geographic Little Kids magazine.   We did all the articles and activities.   Then LO was tired (and mommy too!), so we both went to bed for our naps ;)

In the evening, LO had his Gymboree Sports class.   Tonight they learned how to play golf.  Here is a picture of LO during the warm-up portion of class reviewing his shapes and numbers.

And now it is bedtime :)

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